Living Life On YOUR Terms; BE WEIRD!

At some point in the last 5 years I started asking myself some serious questions:

Do I want to climb a corporate ladder?

Do I want to work my life away to a job that doesn’t serve me 40+ hours a week?

Do I want to be married, have kids and buy a house in the next few years?

Settle down and be this idea of ‘normal’ that society wants me to be?

What do I value?

What is important to me?

What do I want to spend my time doing?

These questions brought me to a breaking point. What the hell am I doing with my life?

I like to think I’m not alone in this.

Thinking through and answering these questions brought me to the realization that, yeah, I’m weird as hell! Now what do I actually want to do with my life?

I had some serious decisions to make, especially if I truly wanted to work on my mental health and overall happiness.

I decided I did NOT want to conform to society and become this idea of ‘normal.’

I decided that I must decide and commit to these changes in order to match my values and truly live life on MY OWN TERMS.

I. Decide what is truly important to you and what a ‘happier’ life means to you. You can develop values and determine what you ACTUALLY want to work for in this life, and for you.

II. Decide and commit to any and all changes that will better serve you! Change is scary as fuck but that’s how you grow baby-cakes.

III. Make shit happen or find yourself complaining.


Summer 2019 Reading List