It’s About Time We Talked

It’s About Time We Talked

It’s about time we talked.

I know it’s been a wild ride

& instead of waving your hands in the air, giggling your ass off, you’ve been struggling to find your grip & hold your shit together- & maybe the contents of your stomach.

Shaking & dizzy, there’s a moment, probably mid-day Wednesday, where time seems to stand still for just a moment. Standing still, you’re at the top of the world just long enough to close your eyes as the air gently meets your lips.

A kiss of life just before you open your eyes & feel your head rushed backwards to the headrest behind you.

Goosebumps trek up your arms to meet the back of your neck.

Cold air in, breathing out the bullshit into the cotton candy clouded sky.

It’s quiet

long enough for you to hear yourself breathe in again,

breath out.

Free & alive you are once more,


One moment,

just a moment,

a wave of nostalgia,

a slap of reality,

reminding how good it feels to be.

You are alive on this roller-coaster of life. You will struggle, You will grip your seat-belt tight, get the wind knocked out of you AND you will throw your hands in the air, and giggle your ass off too. This is what it’s all about, enjoy the ride.


Remind yourself…

just how good it is.

I Wish You Happiness

I Wish You Happiness

Church Like Feelings Coming Over Me

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