I'm Pretty Shit About Consistency, Here's My Thoughts

Consistent: acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.

Easier said than done, am I right? If you’re like me, your work schedule is wacka-doodle, which simply means it is in no way consistent. Each day is a new adventure and I must build my day around my work schedule.

There are days I awake, smiling at the sun for gently welcoming another gorgeous day. Breakfast will be had, the yoga mat will be laid across the living room floor and the washer humming behind the kitchen door. I get all the shit done, work, make dinner, boom!

Other days I toss and turn, grunting myself to a groggy zombie sort of state. Swimming with the sheets, I’ll probably roll over to begrudgingly find 10:42 morning light. Under the cover I go once more until I have 10 minutes to get ready for work, I work, that’s my day.

We have these good days and bad days, which I’ve mentioned before. When this daily oddity of balance or imbalance, is there a consistency to be had? Consistency of good and meh days?

Perhaps consistency is one of my weaknesses, consistency could be your strength.

Depending on what you do for work, if you are in school, live at home or made a home, I can only imagine we all have things we are consistent with and other things we are certainly not.

All I know is whether or not it’s a good or bad day, I am consistent with my shit or not, I’m working to be better. Because at the end of every shitty day, at the end of every awesome day, we can reflect and choose. We can reflect and continue to make a choice in what matters to us and what things in our life are worth being consistent.

Shit I’m working to be more consistent at and why:

  • Eating healthy more regularly | My health matters & we should nourish our body to have energy throughout the day.

    • Always eat breakfast

    • Plan ahead for lunch & dinner

    • Actually plan & go grocery shopping
      -Eating healthy more regularly

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation | My mind & soul matter & we should nourish our mind & soul just as much, if not more, than our bodies

    • Can be accomplished first thing in the morning

    • You can go to ze park

    • You know you’ve never regret it, not once

    • At LEAST 10 minutes

  • Writing | Get outside my pretty little head, reflect & share.

    • Stop stopping yourself

    • You only get better if you practice

    • You feel better getting your thoughts out

  • Get Outside | Connect with Mother Nature & build a friendship with the sun.

    • Can be accomplished first thing in the morning out on the porch

    • At least 10 minutes a day

    • Walk to work as much as you can

Here’s to trying, failing, failing some more and getting it right every once in a while. You got this.


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I Wish You Happiness

I Wish You Happiness