Fuel Your Fire With Their B.S.

Critics, Trolls, negative Nancy’s, bullies, aka, people who don’t have anything better to do with their time than to inflict their pain on you.

I get it.
You get it.
We ALL do.

I. Assholes are everywhere you go!

From middle school throughout your high school career, seeping into college and instagram feed. People are rude everywhere you go, shocker but we need this constant reminder to set an example for these assholes.

II. Can’t avoid em!

Kind of the best part actually, because each and every one of these jerk faces somehow have time in their day to shit on other people. Really? That fucking sucks. I think this is where you’d proclaim, “BYE FELICIA.”
Absolutely not worth your time or energy babe.

III. Remember me mentioning priorities + values?

KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS, if anything. All these people need is love slapping them in the face until they finally understand being an asshole gets them nowhere. Recognize at the end of the day their opinion is their opinion, their dissatisfaction in this life and they are putting it on you. This shit is simply not worth your time, not worth your goddamn fire dragon energy, not one bit. Leave a killer comment or some emojis and move the fuck on.


I. Don’t give into the damn trolls, harness that magical energy of yours and save it for the good souls and the canvas.

II. Don’t take it personally- they are in pain in some way, give em love and continue on.

III. Listen! We need not forget the good ones out there, read and reply to every single message and comment and recognize constructive criticism when you see it, and you’ll know when you do. It’s an amazing thing and there are great trolls out there too!!!

IIII. Keep doing you boo, unapologetically.


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