Easy, Peasy, Peace Of Mind?

Let’s hit that RESET button, shall we?

I. Schedule that much needed TREAT YO’SELF time + do whatever the fuck your heart desires.

Take that hour long bath, get the nice shampoo, read at your favorite park, finish that project you were working so hard on last month, visit a loved one for a surprise lunch or coffee, TREAT YO’SELF the best way you know how, you deserve it babe.

II. Morning Blabber.

PURGE them thoughts, ideas, questions, answers, dreams, goals, shit that you don’t have time for anymore.
Anything and everything on the page/in the document, write 2-3 pages every morning.

.Shit that’s bugging you
.Things to do
.Goals you have
.Steps to achieve those goals
.People you are grateful for
.Things you are grateful for
.Experiences that have brought you here
.Just write a full 2-3 pages, make a goal
.No need to stress
.No excuses
.No exceptions
.No erasing

III. Quick + easy tips!

.Talk, call up a loved one
.Jam to your favorite song
.Write it out
.Dance like no one is watching
.Get off your phone
.Finish that book
.Drink water
.Green drink for a healthy happy juice boost!

Sometimes shit just get overwhelming and you want to punch a wall but you can’t because you can’t afford that shit, probably don’t have insurance and have to work a double today. It’s the little things, whatever brings you joy and helps your mind, body and soul have the opportunity to heal. To reset and refocus on you, for you.

I am proud of you babe, keep going.


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