The Vault

The Vault

Full Skies Ahead

Open road
Windows down
Holding hands with the clouds

Our land
Our inner explorer
The path

and creeks
and sparkles
Oh my

The sky is full
and so am I

Unique eyes
Vibrant state of mind

At peace we’ll be
Forever here
Secret whispers
Until next time,


xoxo // thoughts of a rebel

The Vault

The Spark Within

She had a way about herself

As if everything she did in a given day truly impacted her life
feeding her soul and
freeing her mind

But only because she knows this
the power we hold and
the magic we hide

Daydreaming in the park
playing in the dark
sitting, waiting, wishing
on another star
cosmic spark*

xoxo // thoughts of a rebel

*found within*

The Vault

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers

Be bold and beautiful
as you're blessed soul was born to be

Praise the cotton candy clouds above
for they exemplify the awe in being calm
yet powerful
in their simple actions to fulfill mother nature
to its core

Endless discoveries
of our own roots are sourced
when we cultivate these moments

Silence, we think at first
before a humming heartbeat takes our breath away
while we're swept by the wind of what could be

A roar from afar resonates deep within, fragile and ever so poised
we yearn to find the answer without
comprehending the question within

the skies cry and we desire
desire to feel the pain too
terrified to never understand

But you blissful little see have to blossom
I do know because I can see my roots below too
entangled, awkwardly intertwined
as if to make love to the soil and worms below

Over time the sun will begin to catch your eye
you will remember
everything in the midst
all wandering
those lost among the stars

This is it
what you've been waiting for
stretch far
reach wide
you'll see
the whole time
you've carried
held tightly
all you'll ever need

Breathe in
breathe out

another Summer has passed
never forget
the rich and subtle breeze
it's only a little while
a silly kind of tease
to remind you
of what's beneath
what has yet to come

xoxo // thoughts of a rebel


The Vault

Spill Your Guts

Spill your guts…

create your own masterpiece - maybe even take a step back
to admire it

long enough
long enough

to observe

what you like
what you don't
what you like
what you don't


add it to it
there in the corner
like the right side does it
cover up the spot on the left
don't forget the original
the stroke that started it all
without it
there'd be no shadow
that's a good shadow



another step back


I need more space to work with


more of the unicorn yellow


to engage

the power of the sun.

xoxo // thoughts of a rebel