Mental Health

Mental Health

Dealing With Mighty Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is tough and can be different for everyone. Here are, hopefully, a few helpful tips to manage and deal with anxiety every day, providing you with some insight or support. 

*sending positive vibes*


First of all, it's all scientifically proven that spending time outside with Mother Nature is a source of good for your mental and physical well-being. Not only does it increase blood flow, which works wonders for your bod, but it also increases your creative flow. This is what I like to call untangling your headphones, you are free with your own mind, fresh air and some good ole Vitamin D. Whether it's a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood or a hike at your favorite trail, get outside, it'll be worth every minute.


I know, easier said than done, right? Wrong. How old are you? Where have you traveled? What have you experienced? What have you accomplished? Have you graduated high school? Got a GED? Live on your own? Kept an animal or even another human (baby) alive? Have you gotten so angry waiting in line at your local coffee shop already running late for work and decide to punch the old man in front of you in the throat? Those questions are seriously fun to ask yourself, especially because I bet there's a ton of shit you've accomplished or moments where you had self control and didn't punch anyone in the throat, even when you really wanted to. I get it. But somewhere along the lines, you might realize you've found yourself in at a point where, 4 or 5 years prior THIS was the life you dreamed of, isn't that crazy? It's easy to look at what you don't have.. yet just as easy to look at what you do have.. you are better off than you think you are or have realized yet. I believe we have it so good and sometimes we don't even stop to think about it, let alone the fact that there is almost always someone out there who has it worse than you. And I mean, way worse. Like, you've probably got a bed right? Some people sleep on fucking dirt.


There's literally always something to look forward to. Family dinner, a new season of your favorite TV show, spending the night with your friends watching music videos until 1am, spontaneous road trips, the sound of the rain, good morning texts, your favorite artists finally touring your city, your mf birthday, etc. the list could go on! Whatever it is, start generating thoughts around what you have to look forward to or simply the little things. This exercise can help get you out of your pretty little head and thinking about all the things you have to be grateful for and have to look forward to in the coming weeks or even months.


Bored? Feeling stuck? Not sure what your next project or job should be? That's okay, none of us have it figured out. So take a moment and connect with yourself to generate thoughts and ideas of some things you would like to do or accomplish in the coming weeks or months. Notice I titled this to include action lists, creating small steps to accomplish a bigger goal makes it more fun:

a. Write more lists

b. Better execute a plan on saving for a new car, scheduling regular blog posts, finding a time that works best to workout, meal planning, getting started on that endless list of books you want to read.

c. Step by step, you can create a path and set yourself up to finish what you have started.

You got this.


Write because there's sort of this magic that happens when you do. Pen to paper has a way of sort of engraving something in our brains. It makes your thoughts and ideas permanent, forcing you to think or go back to it later, igniting something in the brain. Write it out, rap it out, record a voice memo, record a video, type it into a word document, anything to get your thoughts out of your pretty little head and to a place where you can read, hear, see them. Reflect upon what you did in the last week or two, what you liked, what you didn't, what you learned, what you got excited about, what you appreciate and what you're going to do next week. Reflect and grow babes.

xoxo // thoughts of a rebel

Mental Health

The Good, Bad + Ugly Of Days

We have bad days to know what good days are.. and almost every bad day can feel like the world is weighing you down, drowning in thoughts that your life might always be this way..

Think about the last time you had a bad day. You made it, didn't you? You might've stayed in bed all day watching cartoons or maybe you worked your butt off all day to come home and still clean-up, make dinner and still make it. You persevered and still woke up the next day to do it all over again. Damn, look at you go.

We have good days to know what bad days are. But, what makes for a good day anyways? Do you have a recipe hidden away in the junk drawer for when you're ready to have a good day? I sure don't, and I've never met anyone that has, soo at this time I think it's safe to jump to conclusions that you don't either. Each and every one of us have good days for different reasons. What constitutes for a good day is simply a lack of things, or events, that would have made it a bad day- weird concept here, I know, but if it's not a bad day then it should be a good day, right?

We have a handful of days in our life that are pretty damn good, more than we realize, or account for. It's silly yet beautiful! Because if we can challenge ourselves to start focusing on the good, whether it's a good or bad day, we might begin to see that most days are pretty damn good.

Growing up, I was blessed to have a Mother that stayed home majority of the time in order to spend time with me. And by spend time with me, I mean she was constantly at home, supporting in me more ways that I could have ever known at the time. Like every other teenage girl, I knew everything and never had interest in small talk, let alone small talk about 'how school went.' So what is a Mom supposed to do? Mom things. A.K.A. being a wonder woman and thinking outside of the box. One day after school, instead of the usual, 'Hi honey, how was school today?" I was asked, "Hi honey, what has been the best part of your day so far?" Talk about a change in perspective, am I right? Reason #9 why Moms are simply the best.

Good days and bad days create a beautiful balance in our lives. With each new day we are given, we are given an opportunity to learn and grow through day to day life. No matter how big or small, we can begin to ask ourselves, what has been the part of my day so far?

What good has come to me today?

What do I have to be thankful for today?

Find ways to think outside of the box and see the good in each and every day. You are going to have bad days and you are going to have good days, that's life. If you can begin generating thoughts as to what makes a good day for YOU and seek out all the good you can, you can start to recognize that even a little positivity can go a long way. And you know what? There's always tomorrow, a chance to try again, another opportunity to begin again.

You just might begin to see all that we have to be grateful for.

xoxo // thoughts of a rebel

Mental Health

1 in 5 Americans

1 in 5 Americans are living with mental health issues, whether it be anxiety, bi-polar, depression, schizophenria, PTSD, OCD, you name it, whatever you want to call it. It's sort of part of being human and facing the fact that you can’t change everything. You control what you can and learn to accept what you cannot, given your experiences in this life.

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome is facing the truth of the matter: mental health is a part of you and you must learn to master and live with it. Just like diabetes, you’re not going to find a magic pill that makes everything okay or go away. You become the master of your own self and continue to learn what works best for your mind, body and soul in order to create a life for yourself.

Continue on, just keep swimming, keep striving to learn and become the master of your own mind.

xoxo // rebelmade