The Art Of Comparison


“We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose.”

Now this is a quote.

It’s easy to spend your time scrolling, discovering and soaking in art from all over the world. Art is continuously being redefined, medium after medium, and then instantly shared with the entire world. With that being said, you can choose to compare your work to others' or learn to appreciate that each of us have something unique to share.

Sometimes, this is much easier said than done, I know.

"Wow, I could never make that." "How did they do that?!" An hour later, slouched across your bed throwing guilt at unfinished projects or getting glaring looks from the unread books on your shelves. Said emotions can be a bit overwhelming, as you ‘continue watching’ Netflix.

But what if you what you do makes you happy?

Why stop or be discouraged at the hard work and/or accomplishments of others?

Is there a reason you’re not motivated to do what you once enjoyed?

We all have our own shit to deal with and use art as an outlet of expression. You don't need to have 10k followers on Instagram or take photos for National Geographic in order to create and share your art. We practice and create art in different forms because it feeds our soul or gets us inspired to get out of bed each morning.

Painting, drawing, speaking, tattoo, photography, makeup, videography, claymation, body building, baking, gaming, music production, dog walking, under-water basket weaving, etc. you name it.

We should be doing these things for ourselves and for the joy it brings to our daily lives. If you truly believe your hobby or art brings you joy, don't let anything get in the way of that, especially when artists around the world seem to have it all.. Trust me, they are just like you and at some point they were more than likely in the same shoes you’re in now.

It can be simple.. It can be about learning to love the process and the journey, starting from scratch and practicing over and over again. Putting in the work, learning about the history, following your gut, staying up late, getting up early, whatever it may be that will allow you to grow and find your own style or voice in your art. Everyone goes through these stages and learns to appreciate every piece, race, event, session, song, eager for the next.

That's sort of the beauty of art: we all bring unique perspectives and through our journey create our own style and find our voice.

So the next time you get hung up, discouraged or find yourself comparing your work/art to others, take a moment to reflect on where you've been, how'd you get to this point? Did you get a brand new journal and only have written one page? Have a closet full of plain white canvases? Stop going to the gym or getting on your yoga mat? Seriously, begin to appreciate where you've been and where you will go. Appreciate the unique art you create, for it is all yours.

xoxo // rebelmade


What's Your "Why?"

If you haven't already, you need to start thinking in terms of why.

What’s your why?

Why do you do what you do?

This question can rise to the surface daily and you might even find yourself wondering, why I’m here? In a good sense though. You might wonder what it is that you bring to the world that no else does, what are you giving to this world, why you get up in the morning, what your ‘purpose’ might be. Call it what you like, there’s something in each of us that drives us to do what we do. As if you’ve got this super power you’ve never been told about. It’s simply being You.

You are YOU and that is your power.

There is quite literally no one in the world like YOU, regardless how alike we are being human. As much as we are alike, none of us are the same. Our experiences alone make us unique. Some of our experiences bring us to ask ourselves such questions in search of this ‘power.’ That’s right, it’s out, shits’ been leaked. It’s just too damn true and hard to believe.

You are made up of experiences that designed you to be beautifully unique, simply by being YOU. It's amazing.

How can you use your experiences and make a difference?

Maybe even make the world a better place?

How can you impact the community in which is your niche?

What kind of legacy are you going to leave?

These are some of the thoughts and questions that will continuously challenge you. They say such questions are answered by successful individuals, whether in life or in their career. There are a variety of questions that may or may not work for you. Get creative for you know yourself best.

The idea is get you thinking and focused on a personal purpose. A reason to get out of bed each day or why others should listen to you or your story. For example, here at Rebelmade we desire to inspire in hopes of sharing the simple fact that through your experiences, you can continue to learn, grow and discover this life and how incredible you are. So we put together this cheesy ass blog and a shop full of pieces as unique as you are.

Everything begins and ends with us.

Basically, we have faith that if you start asking yourself challenging questions, like the ones above, you will start seeing yourself on a path towards a more fulfilled life.

You might recognize the beauty within that you can share with the world.

There's a TED Talk we’re going to include below that summarizes what it means to ask yourself WHY? How successful businesses and leaders have continued to ask themselves what or how instead of why. By having a cause or belief, you can create results for yourself or even an organization simply by having a purpose.

Simon Sinek - Start With Why TED Talk Short Edited

xoxo // rebelmade


Cheesy Quotes & Connecting The Dots

Believe me, some quotes and sayings these days are cheesy as HELL.. could they also hold truth and depth behind their simplicity?

For example:

Everywhere we are is exactly where we are meant to be!

Yup, pretty straightforward.

You are where you are for a reason, you obviously can’t change the past but you sure as hell can connect the dots backwards and grasp an understanding of why you are, well, where you are.

Maybe we can learn from cheesy quotes..

The truth of the matter is, some of us don’t like facing the truth. We don’t like cheesy, we don’t like being self aware, let alone making changes that might be, what, good for our health? Pfft. Change is hard, I get that. I totally get that, but when change is the only constant, what have you got to lose? Some money? Another job? Lose more friends because you want to change jobs in hopes of being happier? Because you might have to relocate to have the job of your dreams? Because you’ve peaked at your business and now are stuck on what to do next?

Fuck it, if you really like complaining and where you’re at in life, keep doing what you’re doing, if you don’t, obviously something has gotta give, you gotta start making changes.

Take your passion and hold hands with practicality and do what you need to get done to get that new job, pay off that credit card (cards), take that summer class so you can graduate in the fall, take a leap on that internship you’re scared shitless to take, just do it.

Don’t be scared of the truth, just face it, face your fears for the truth of the matter is you don’t want to regret any of this when you’re older. Accept where you are and make the changes if needed.

xoxo // rebelmade


You miss all the shots you don't take.