3 Real Questions To Ask Yourself Right Now

At some point in our lives we reach a point of exhaustion, of tired of being tired, wore out by being weighed down by shit that continues to weigh you down. Day in and day out you might wonder if this is it, if this is all there is, maybe you feel stuck, in a rut or that nothing is going to change. It happens to all of us, life has insane ups and downs and I’m here to share with you what I believe are 3 real, raw questions that can help you build that life you want, deserve and that will truly serve you best. The best part is with each new day, we are given another opportunity to try again. Let’s go babes.

I. Decide your WHY!

I’ve said it before and I will continue to shout it from the rooftops. Your WHY is your driver, what wakes you up in the morning and keeps you up all night, what keeps in you check while keeping you striving forward, what reminds you to stay foolish, stay hungry. This is a clear vision or reason for living, a purpose you serve for you.
Going hand in hand with your values, your WHY will be your new navigation system through this beautiful fucking thing called life.

Each of us need a drive, it’s a deep desire that is simply part of being human. MAKE ONE FOR YOURSELF. You create your purpose, you design your life.
Write it out.

Read and reflect on this shit daily/weekly/monthly, whatever works best for you.

Tell everyone about it, the ride or dies will hold your ass accountable.

My WHY is growing a strong and connected community. My fire is fueled when bold, beautiful like-minded women join forces, sharing life tips, advice and just real shit, unapologetically!

We’re here to grow and blossom, so welcome to a total non-judgemental zone for badass babes like yourself.

II. DECIDE how you want to live!

Let’s do some inventory shall we?

What do you enjoy about your life?

What makes you feel alive?

Is there anything you don’t like at all?

Are there things you don’t enjoy at all and wish to change in your life?

Answer and respond to these questions and activities honestly and you might be surprised. Because if you wait until you more money saved, if you wait until you get that promotion you were promised months ago, if you wait until your car is paid off, if you wait until you’re married, that shit just may never happen. And there’s nothing worse than knocking yourself out with a wave or regret because you weren’t ‘ready.’

Life is happening right now, RIGHT NOW BABES.

That’s why we gotta sort this shit out now and again, unless you’d rather do nothing and spend the rest of your days complaining about how much your life sucks, AND still doing nothing about it.


This is the beauty of it all right here: YOU get to make the choice and whip out the creative in you. Take your dreams and reality and create a stunning plan, commit to solving these problems and start making shit happen so you can live your best damn life.

-Create lists
-Create lists for your lists
-Action steps
-Rewards ( this can be a great way to trick yourself into getting shit done real quick, worked out 5x this week? -Get some new workout shoes, pants or spend the extra money on that good-good protein. Write down 2 more pages in your journal/blog than you did last week? Treat yourself to coffee or a sparkly new notebook! Omg, I’ve been having way too much fun with this!)
- And the obvious and perhaps the most important, HAVE FUN, damn.
-New practices to start
-Old practices to quit


The kind of life I desire is quite simple really: I want the freedom to live. I desire freedom to wake up as early or late as I want, practice yoga while making coffee and soaking up my new favorite podcast.
I desire the freedom to be utterly me and have unlimited free time to connect and build this community.
I desire the freedom to connect with other humans and go on way too many coffee dates. (As if there’s any such thing as ‘too many’ coffee dates, ha!)
I desire the freedom to travel whenever I please, taking my loved ones with me to experience this world.
I desire the freedom to be utterly me and DO ME daily.

I do not want to be on someone else’s time.
I do not want to be clocking in and out, getting paid less than what I am worth supporting the dreams of someone else.

That’s just me. I’ve tried the whole full-time, big girl job that included insurance, paid time off, endless benefits and discounts. I loved it as much as I hated it. Eventually I found myself going through the emotions amongst with my colleagues in a haze, or staring in disgust at myself in the bathroom mirror wondering why in the hell I can’t stop crying in 15 minute intervals. It was bruuuuuuutal. For almost 5 years, I tried like the dickens, took the time off that I needed and even switched to a part-time position. Shit was rough and one day I asked myself, am I going to be here for another 5 years? 10 years? Goosebumps grew on me instantly and in my gut I knew I had to make a change.

So, uh, essentially, for me freedom represents a fulfilled, simple & happy little life.


.good souls
.genuine conversation
.loving on others
.digital + film photography

.negative talk
.being controlled/told what to do
.tedious work
.small talk
.negative nancies

Notice the shit I don’t love is a shorter list, how easy would it be to change the few things you can to make room for more of the people and things you love?

Continue to take time and come back to these ideas and questions if you need. I know I reflect upon these thoughts regularly for I am new to this journey too.

Here’s the catch: You ACTUALLY have to decide and commit to stop doing shit you don’t like and start doing more of ALL those incredible things you LOVE. They make each day better and you will feel the happiness starting to flow.

III. Decide & commit to respect your journey as much as others!

We ALL have baggage we’re unpacking, some are better at it than others, I know I’m not one of those people. Lol.
Obstacles, challenges, juggling 2 jobs, trauma, societies bs norms, love, death, you name it, we all face it. So respect your journey as much as others’.

Pick your lane and drive on your path while they drive theirs, happy days.

Nowadays it’s easy to get caught up in the BS and everyone’s ‘amazzzing’ ‘lifestyle’ of full-time jobs, BMWs, vacation homes, whatever! Who cares? Are they directly affecting or impacting your life? FUGGETABOUTTITT love.

And, I get it, it is easier said than done to stop yourself from scrolling life away, but by no means does that mean you forget your WHY! Your vision and your why will always bring you back, reset, refocus. Because if you’re anything like me, all that STUFF don’t mean shit if it doesn’t align with your values and bring you joy dammit.

Forever remind yourself of your why and make these crazy awesome decision for the better and OWN IT BABE.


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